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QuickBooks Bookkeeping

South CPA & Associates will provides remotely hosted QuickBooks bookkeeping services to owners of small and medium sized businesses in the South Florida area.

Send us all your financial business transactions, including bills, receipts, etc. All your data is entered into QuickBooks and your documents are digitally stored and made available to you for review at any time.

Your QuickBooks data and stored documents are maintained real-time on a secure server and  are accessible for review anywhere, anytime via the internet. All QuickBooks files are secure and backed up nightly.

South CPA & Associates’ QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services available include:

  • All financial transactions accurately recorded
  • Bank statements reconciled
  • Monthly financial reports provided
  • Bill paying
  • 1099’s completed
  • Sales tax returns prepared
  • Payroll
  • W-2’s completed

South CPA & Associates’ QuickBooks Bookkeeping service frees you from the routine bookkeeping tasks, allowing you to work on your core business.