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IRS Representation

Is the correctness of one or more of your filed tax returns being challenged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? As a taxpayer, you have a set of fundamental rights when dealing with the IRS. First and foremost, is your you right to retain an authorized representative of your choice to represent you in dealings with the IRS. South CPA & Associates is enrolled to practice before the IRS and are unrestricted as to who we can represent, what types of tax matters we can handle, and which IRS offices we can practice before.

A letter from the IRS stating that you owe interest and penalties, your bank account is being levied or your wages are being garnished can be intimidating for anyone. South CPA & Associates will help you navigate the treacherous process of dealing with the IRS to insure the most favorable solution for you, whether it be an “Offer In Compromise”, “Installment Agreement” or getting your account put into an “uncollectable status”.

We know the workings of the IRS inside out. The goal of South CPA & Associates is to do everything legally possible to protect your hard earned money.