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Litigation Support

The interpretation and evaluation of complex accounting and financial issues can overwhelm even the most experienced attorney. This can be especially difficult when one or both parties is a legal dispute is intentionally concealing assets. A clear comprehension of financial and valuation issues strengthen the merits of any litigation matter and increases the possibility of a successful resolution.

South CPA & Associates litigation support services assists attorneys in identifying all financial assets in a legal dispute and help interpret and evaluate the complex accounting and financial issues involved. Traditional accounting and finance skills are not enough.

South CPA & Associates’ professionals have extensive experience helping clients navigate the complexities and pressures surrounding legal and/or corporate proceedings. Even before a complaint is filed, many lawyers call on us to provide an early assessment of potential damages or to identify relevant valuation issues.

The experienced professionals at South CPA & Associates’ will navigate the accounting complexities to determine precise dollar amounts and assess the financial consequences in a wide range of matters including:

  • fraud
  • bankruptcy
  • breach of contract
  • lost profits
  • white-collar crime
  • accounting malpractice
  • marital dispute resolutions

South CPA & Associates provide assistance through all phases of litigation from preliminary fact-finding to discovery to expert testimony. Our associates are accomplished at conveying our findings to non-accountants either in a written report or on the witness stand.

We understand the many nuances of presenting testimony and will present a persuasive argument that clearly explains the data and our expert opinions. We can provide representation to both plaintiff and defense parties.